Make Them Worry About Losing You – They Will Chase You – Law of Attraction

Relationships that last always have an element of fear of losing each other. Robert Zink reveals positive fear in a relationship. Learn how to make them worry about losing you. You will get them to chase you with this Law of Attraction secret. You can improve any relationship with this technique. You can get your ex back or attract a specific person to chase you. Manifesting love and relationship is easy when you are at the vibration of love. Being afraid of losing someone or a lover can help focus your attention on building and growing the relationship.

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Karmic Economy – How to Increase Wealth

It’s time to get excited, people. Here’s why. February 11 and 12 are doorways to Karmic Expansion. February is a month of bridging the gap between the old and the new. With the inauguration of our new president, and the ushering in of fresh ideas and new approaches to solving problems, we also say goodbye to an old guard and a fixed way of doing things. This is a month for working toward your goal in a very practical way….and getting down to business…One Karmic Step at a time. Time to think outside of the box? No. It’s time to realize that THERE IS NO BOX.

How to Raise Your Self-Imposed Boundaries

Everything you have believed up to this moment has formed the life you’re living now. Why not re-program your sub-conscious with your desires and dreams and be assured you are going to experience them?

The New Year Manifestation Checklist

This time of year is perfect for reviewing achievements and goals and seeing how things actually panned out compared with your vision from January. Here’s your checklist for your New Year wish list…

Are You Ready to Be a Millionaire?

Despite the economic hardships the world is currently facing, making money these days can be easier than ever and it’s as if everyone would love to become a millionaire. However, instead of asking, “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” I think the better question to ask yourself is, “Are You Ready to be a Millionaire?” I mean, really ready to be a millionaire? Because it IS possible to become really wealthy in today’s society, if you want to. Once the money comes, however, your life will change in unimaginable ways and you will be forced to deal with issues you’ve never dealt with before. This can be uncomfortable and make you feel uneasy if you’re not ready for it. Therefore, the issue is not so much whether you can become wealthy (because you can!), but whether or not you are really ready to be a millionaire and handle all that money when it comes to you.

Attracting Wealth and Happiness? – Combining Binaural Beats With the Laws of Attraction!

If you have read the laws of attraction, you will know that how we think, believe and feel on a regulars basis, has a massive influence on all that manifests around us. That is a very hard concept for many to take on, but scientists are also recognising that the energy that emanates from each of us is translated into experience and returned by the universe with more of the same. So if our regular thoughts and feelings are of lack fear and general negativity, this is almost like a “prayer” to the universe. These prayers are always answered and more of the same negative experience manifests around us. So how can we start attracting wealth and happiness into our lives.

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