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Are You Ready To Receive?

Imagine that the best gift ever has arrived at your door, but it comes with a condition. You can only keep it if you have room for it now, not in the future, now.

The Law Of Success Book By Napoleon Hill Was Incomplete

Napoleon Hill’s 1928 Book on the Law of Success was incomplete. He failed to understand the critical importance of Information as the foundation for applying the Law. This article reveals the missing secret and shows how it expands Hill’s work.

5 Simple Ways to Live a Life of Gratitude

Research at the University of California at Davis (Robert Emmons) has shown that people that practice gratitude in their lives have healthier immune systems, feel better about their lives overall, are more optimistic about the future, sleep better, and have an overall better sense of well-being as compared to people that do not practice gratitude. Could it really be that simple? While it’s not practical for most people to sell all their belongings and become Buddhist monks, here are 5 simple things you can adopt now to be well on your way to living a life of gratitude.

The Mind And The Law Of Attraction

Have you ever desired to be a master in one field or another? have you struggled trying to find out what it was that “made” the handful prosperous people on this world successful and wealthy? Take it form one of the all time favourite self-development personality, author, lifestyle mentor, guru and philosopher Bob Proctor. We all need to understand the mind and the law of attraction if we are ever to really make meaningful sense and success out of the lives we live.

347 Reasons to Be Grateful

Seemingly, with each moment spent in gratitude, another well-wisher would be drawn, by a magnetic force, to wish me more wellness, abundance, prosperity and joy. I have an entire stadium routing for this being my best year and I am so, so, so grateful to have them with me Better than that. What I saw in action, was that gratitude really does attract more of that which you are grateful for, to itself; ‘that which is like unto itself is drawn’ is how Abraham puts it. That got my thoughts stretching and my mind almost doing handstands in glee I realise from my lack of resistance to receiving birthday wishes, that in the enjoyment of them, they came to me by the dozen. What if it were the same for money? What if every time a £pound or a $dollar hit your bank account you were so grateful it attracted more to you, with a magnetic force as powerful as life itself? What if being grateful really is the key to the Universe and all its miraculous abundance?

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