Never Be Needy Again By Doing This One Thing

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In this video, I’m gonna show you how to never be needy again. I’m gonna share with you what I have a coach that I pay quite a bit of money, 1,500 bucks a month, Shadow Integration Coach. I’m gonna share with you what I have learned from him that has completely transformed my life. Over the last six months, I’ve had people tell me that they watch my old videos and they hardly recognize me from who I was to who I am now. And I’m gonna share with you what that transformation is, what the practice is, the exercise you can do is that will completely transform your entire life if you do it for a period of time.

Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now in this video, I’m gonna be showing you how to never be needy again and how to ditch codependent behaviors. If you are somebody that feels like maybe you are craving validation or like you fall into other people’s frame, I have an analogy for you that I’m gonna explain to you in a second that I think will clear a lot of this up. But realize that it is rooted and it comes from a point in your past when you were a kid where you craved and you needed something maybe that need wasn’t met. And what happens is now you are going and looking for it on the outside somewhere not knowing that what you need is already on the inside. Now, what happens is when people become needy, they are craving something from the outside and the challenge with that is that then because they are needy, they are normally repelling of their people.

So if you are needy in love, you’ll find that you might really like someone then really hope they text you back and then really hope things go a certain way. They’ll feel that neediness off of you and a lot of times it then repels them. Now, what this really is is being needy and being codependent, is being attached, you are attached to something on the outside and to a belief that says that unless I have this thing on the outside, then I’m not complete already. So it is rooted in a fundamental belief that says, I need something out there to feel a certain way. And here, I’m gonna share with you my story through this process as well and how it completely transformed. But first let’s realize that it comes from that of a childhood experience.

Now let’s imagine like this. When we’re kids, we’re dependent, we’re dependent on our parents. Now what happens is many times let’s say this is you, this is mom, this is dad. Let’s say when you were a kid, I imagine your mom or your dad came over the crib and it was like, hah, hey, like that, right? It’s like, oh, all these expressive faces. Now imagine one day you were there and your mom or dad came up but there was no on their face. Imagine that the, oh, and like all that little baby goggle stuff, imagine that went away. And then all of a sudden you start wondering like I’m not getting attention, I’m not having my needs met. And then what a lot of times happen is as the baby grows up it then says, if I different maybe I can get that love or that approval or that attention. So a lot of times then that person will seek based on the belief that there’s something wrong with me, there’s a belief that says, there’s something wrong with me, I need something on the outside in order for me to feel 100% worthy, whole and complete or in order for me to be enough. So it’s a fundamental belief system that simply hasn’t been challenged since being a kid.

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