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The Step-By-Step Formula to Success

Are you down in the dump today because you lack the courage to take the first crucial step towards your goal? Do not put off for tomorrow anymore what you can do today. This is the greatest undoing of many. It is called procrastination. Don’t allow it to stand between you and your dream.

Which Metaphor is Running Your Life?

Have you experienced the housing bubble, the one that created a perfect storm for the mortgage meltdown? We are awash in metaphors. Yet with some reflection, the picture can change miraculously. As the Hindu text the Rig Veda notes, things look different from a higher perspective.

The Science of Getting Rich – 7 Principles From Chapter One

Many people, especially Christians, have a negative attitude toward money and its place in their lives. Money, like anything else, is simply a tool for getting things done. In this chapter Wattles states his case on what riches really are and why getting rich is the right thing to do.

21st Century Success Strategies For Permanent Prosperity & Absolute Abundance

Ahhhh…the good ol’ days…a time when working harder got you all you ever needed. During the 20th century you learned that if you didn’t have enough you just had to work harder, and if you learned to work smarter, you could have even more.

Being Grateful

The thing that keeps me on track is, surprisingly, forgetting about my schedule, my goals and my objectives for a while every day. I consciously force my busy mind to shut off, look around at the abundance in my life and say, “Thank you”. Really, I’ve got it pretty good right here, right now.

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