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Ok this really isn’t bullet journaling this is a planner of my own Creation! I created this Manifestation Mindset Workbook & Planner over the summer and just launched it in September. It’s been a HUGE hit! Everyone has been giving the best feedback on it!

A little about my Manifestation Mindset Workbook & Planner. It’s 250 pages of thought provoking, motivating and inspiring journaling/goal setting prompts. It also includes three months of Monthly, Weekly and Daily planning so you can get organized AF!

This Plan With Me video is really mostly a tour of my Manifestation Mindset Workbook & Planner and how it can help you to crush your end of the year goals for 2020. I believe that goal setting and using a planner is so critically important to success in life. This Manifestation Mindset Workbook & Planner is going to change your life!

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