Q&A: How To Script The Universal Law of Attraction (Part #2) By Ashley Ducey


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Not to long ago I made a post on my wall that I was going to be featuring a Q&A style scripting video!!

I got over 75 questions!!! Holy guacamole!!!

Here is the first half of best questions posted in the comments that you guys left. In this part 2 video I answer about 10-15 of your guys questions! Some were repetitive so I did my best to answer multiple questions that were each rooted within the same repeating question.

I wanted to record this video to answer any lingering and specific questions that you may have in regards to how to structure of your daily scripting journal.

A lot of people get stuck in the first sentence… paragraph… page… etc. That is why I recorded this video for you. To help you increase your scripting and manifestation power.

I get so many questions daily with very specific questions when it comes to scripting! Watch this Q&A to see if I answered yours in particular?

If I did not answer your question please comment your question below and I will do my best to either answer it in the comments.

I hope this video spoke to your question specifically! I am looking forward to making a part two for all of you guys and like I said comment below anything extra you want me to touch on!

**COMMENT** Any additional questions comment below!?


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