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Today I’m reading my scripting aka future journaling aka manifestation journaling entires that I’ve journaled on over the years. SO MANY of them have manifested! Scripting is one of my FAVORITE Law Of attraction / Manifestation success tools. I’ve completely transformed my life and have created the reality that I used to only dream of. This is how I manifested both $10,000 and $20,000 as well as how I manifested my dream life, dream apartment, dream car, dream career and so much more! I hope you like these shares as well as the future journaling (scripting) tips that I provide!
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I’m Annie Bardonski aka OhhMyAnnie. I’m a full time youtuber and certified life coach specializing in helping woman overcome limiting beliefs and anxiety in order to manifest their dream life! I make videos about law of attraction and manifestation to mental health, personal development, morning routines, health and wellness, lifestyle and all things dedicated to help / motivate YOU to transform you life! Subscribe for weekly videos!

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