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Are You Resisting the Flow of Abundance?

Have you either been paid well but not enjoyed your work or loved what you were doing but not received the flow of abundance? Either scenario is resisting the flow of abundance. The cornerstone of abundance is when we are being love and doing what we love.

How Not To Fail at Getting What You Really Want

I have one question for you… “Why do people fail to get what they want?” What answer or answers, pop your head… Right now we live in a time were people who are successful, living happy, healthy & wealthy lives, having all the things they want in their life, should be in the majority, not in the minority.

Live In the Present to Create the Life You Desire

If you wish to create the life you desire, it is imperative you live in the present moment. Living in the present moment, the NOW requires letting go of two things.

Your Life and the Law of Attraction

Each of us has a natural ability to achieve his goals or desires in life, and nowhere is it defined that it will happen in the near or distant future, or whether it will happen at all. Everyone would like to live in abundance, health, love, happiness, but the daily routine looks nothing like the bright envisioned future. People think they will never achieve that, simply because nobody has told them how to do it.

How to Claim Freedom From Fear: What You Must Do Now

We are poised in one of the most magnificent times in life… just before liberation occurs. How does that feel? Many of us have not had one free moment while living in the third dimension. When we have a fleeting moment of joy, we feel happiness and then it is gone. Learn what you must do now to find freedom from fear.

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