spiritual journey| Law of Attraction and The Bible***FACE MASK TALKS***

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I’m just now realizing i never mentioned the name of the face mask….lol the face mask is spascriptions Bedazzled in illuminating. Thank you for watching; if you like please thumbs up this video and let me know what you think. Subscribe for more creative content and ill see you in the next video!

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My Intuition Often Fails Me – Can I Fix This?

Your intuition is like a muscle it is something you need to work to get it stronger and more effective. When my muscles are weak they are unable to do what I ask of them and they seem to fail me. This is not the fault of my muscles this is the fault of my not working them enough, and expecting too much of them. The same is true with the intuition.

The Importance of Conquering Yourself Rather Than the World

When people are pursuing their dreams and goals they often mistake the path to success with the path to conquering all. They think if they can conquer everyone around them then they can create their dreams through this control. The problem with this approach is two fold: it takes their focus off what they should be conquering and it is an unwinnable game. Don’t try to conquer others, learn to conquer your self, that is true success.

How the Five People You Surround Yourself With Affect Your Personal Achievement

We all want to be successful and have all of the prosperity and abundance we desire. The problem is that our true potential for personal achievement and success is not just based on ourselves and who we are. The five people we surround ourselves with have a profound effect on who we are and just how successful we are personally.

Does Positive Thinking Really Work or Not?

There is a lot out there about the power of positive thinking. Books upon books upon books have been written about this topic yet there are so many who feel it does not work. For some people it seems to be very successful, others are frustrated with a lack of success. So the question is, does it really work or not?

Abundance Fairy!

All about the attitude of Gratitude and Abundance. How can we create this in our lives?

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