The Best HEART BREAK Advice That Will Change Your Life (& help you heal)

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If you are going through a heartbreak right now or through some type of breakup, then this video I believe will completely change your life.

This is the life changing advice that I wish I had when I was going through a breakup a couple years ago. And honestly, it is the heartbreak advice that I am using now, because currently I am also going through a breakup.

So it is what I’m reminding myself of. Sometimes I like to make videos on things that are really fresh in my mind, and in my way of being, because it’s stuff that I’m also studying.

This comes from not just my own experience but also hundreds of books on that of attachment and detachment. Understanding that of the psychology and the inner relationship dynamics that happen between two people.

And it’s gonna be things that will not only exponentially your healing process, but also help you understand, and remember your own sense of worth.

Now, the most important thing to understand about this process and to really feel into when it comes to that of breaking up, or heartbreak advice in general, it’s not internalizing what is happening.

So you might look at the situation and even in the situation, maybe somebody broke up with you, maybe you broke up with somebody else. Whatever the situation is, understand that the situation is that of not something you need to internalize.

Sometimes what happens is we then internalize it. If somebody breaks up with us or we break up with somebody else, we may then say, “Well there’s something wrong with me.

Maybe I’m not meant to be in a relationship. Maybe there’s people out there that just don’t understand me, or maybe it’s just not worth it.”

When we begin to internalize these things then it gets to down to our sense of self worth and it makes it so much harder in the process. And what I can definitely see in my own life
and past relationships is going through a breakup.

For me, there was a feeling of trying to prove it to the other person that I am good enough. It was me trying to like maybe fix the other person, or believing that if they’re not coming around then maybe it’s because I’m not good enough, or there’s something wrong with me.

And that would have me stay attached to the situation because I was literally fighting to prove it that I am good enough.

And what I eventually found, I’ll share a little bit about how I went through a prior breakup, and how I’m going through this breakup, and how they’re completely different in the way that I’m approaching it.

And it’s because of my own sense of self growth. Now, I will say this, from some of my past breakups, I hadn’t cried or, you know, I’ve been very sad maybe even like losing sleep, maybe feeling very anxious.

And it was something that I knew there was energy on the inside of me but I wasn’t really
allowing myself to feel it. I would like rationalize it, or I would focus on my business, and I wouldn’t allow myself to feel that.

And this past, this breakup that I’m going through right now, I have cried more than I’ve ever cried. I have allowed myself to really feel it in a way that I never really allowed myself to.

And I think it’s very ironic too because not ironic necessarily, but the work that I’ve been doing on myself is I’ve been upgrading my own energy.

I really recently went through that of a breathwork process where I was becoming certified
in something called Somatic Release Breathwork.

I became certified in this. And part of the certification process was that I go through that, of like many breathwork ceremonies. And one of the things I became aware of was that I shut down sadness, and didn’t allow myself to feel sadness for so long.

Like literally like years and years I wouldn’t allow myself to feel sad. I could tap into anger
a little bit easier, but sadness was something that I wasn’t allowing myself to feel.

So in breathwork, there was a moment when one of the practitioners came over to me and said, “It’s okay to feel dog.” That’s what he said, “It’s okay to feel dog.”

And in that moment when I was on this verge of crying there was this cathartic release of emotion that came out of my heart, that came, and I could tell also that a lot of that was energy that I absorbed from my mom because my mom went through so much trauma when she was a kid.

And there was another woman that was like in this breathwork ceremony that was screaming.

And there was something about that scream that like reminded me of my mom, and there was like a huge release. And I realized that once I allowed my, ’cause I always had this story that like, I just don’t cry and then I would feel like there’s something wrong with me.

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