The Bible and The Law of Attraction

Sermon by Brian Tubbs, Senior Pastor, Olney Baptist Church

Olney Baptist Church is a Southern Baptist church serving the Montgomery County, Maryland community. COVID Live service each Sunday at 11am.



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Discover The Reason For Poverty Or Wealth In A Down Economy

Recession and depression have produced countless millionaires. The key factor to this accumulation of wealth can be found, and learned through the power of gratitude. There is never a shortage of money. There is a shortage of belief. With gratitude, hope and belief, becoming financially comfortable is not only a dream but a reality.

Tips For Applying The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is one of the most powerful principles in this life and is capable of revolutionizing people’s lives literally overnight. However applying the law of attraction can be quite a challenge if you have no clue how to go about it. The law of attraction simply states that every event, negative or positive was attracted into your life by you.

The Only Reason To Do Anything

Before our current 2012 Shift the old paradigm was to do things in order to be happy and prosperous. You buy a house or car or piano or whatever, and that will bring you happiness. You get your degree and you’ll be happy. You marry in order to be happy. With the new paradigm that illusion is history.

Make Better Choices and Make Your Life Meaningful

Choice is what makes being human so wonderful. You can choose to either be a direct CREATOR of your daily circumstances or you can idle along through life and just be a CREATURE of your circumstances. Make the wise choice today and choose to see your world through abundant eyes. Stop only noticing scarcity. Be willing to share with everyone around and incredible abundance will flow to and trough you.

Micro-Lending, Telephone Banking and M-Pesa For Minimalists

In a part of the world hardly known for its economic innovations, a revolution in finance offers a concept that is a brilliant solution for North Americans: M-Pesa. In other parts of Africa, another innovation – micro-lending – offers a platform on which budding entrepreneurs with creative ideas and a commitment to success can build micro- and extremely small businesses through funding sources that may provide as little as $20 for a business start-up. Ironically, both concepts would work in western economies, but have been eschewed, largely because they lack the glamour, polish and complexity of conventional business models held out as being the most efficient in our North American markets.

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