THE LAW OF ATTRACTION: how to incorporate manifesting into your daily life!

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Reconciling the Masculine: How Working with the Divine Feminine Increases Prosperity

Today’s women increasingly question the old patriarchal models oriented around the masculine and are actively working with the archetype of the prosperous Priestess. When women set the intention, individually or collectively, for their inner feminine and masculine to increase creative capacity, co-creative ability, and prosperity, then potent results are certain to follow.

Never Stop Helping Humanity Regardless of The Behaviour Of Others

Not everyone has or believes in a spiritual level of living and thinking, therefore, if you are living a spiritual life then you will be able to help others and give of yourself wholeheartedly. You will be able to see beyond the behaviour of others and see that they have a good heart; they just got too caught up in desperation for money. Don’t hold it against them. Still show them kindness. That is what it means to help others from a position of power rather than from a position of pain. Regardless of what others have done to you, said about you, do not let it create hatred in your heart. You can get angry, you are human so feel your feelings. Get angry and then release it. That will prevent hatred from building up in your heart and making you sick.

How To Cleanse The Subconscious Mind Before Prayer

This article provides practical steps to be employed in a ritual to cleanse the subconscious mind before prayer. Practice after ritual is also discussed.

Why The Subconscious Mind Has To Be Cleansed Before Prayer

This article explains why it is necessary to clear the subconscious mind has to be cleansed before prayer. This is to bring the soul into alignment with his Maker.

Reclaim the Power of the Divine Feminine to Generate Financial Resources Using Elemental Practices

Claim the Prosperous Priestess archetype as you consciously access practices of gratitude, affirmation, divine timing, and heart-centered connection to manifest more money and satisfaction in your business and life. If your inner critic’s working overtime, then reclaim the right and power to Source to generate financial resources.

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