The Most Powerful Law of Attraction Coaching Technique to Manifest WHATEVER You Want NOW

The Most Powerful Law of Attraction Coaching Technique to Manifest WHATEVER You Want NOW

In today’s video we discuss the law of attraction coaching to manifest what you want. There are certain law of attraction techniques that are best, so we discuss one here that has really helped me..

#1 Law of Attraction Coaching I Wish I Knew Earlier…



Have you ever said to yourself, man, I wish I knew that earlier in this video I’m going to share with you law of attraction coaching secret that I wish I knew earlier. This actually has ended up being the thing that’s brought me more happiness, more money, more freedom, more love, and more enriching relationships than anything in my entire life. So I can only imagine what it’s gonna do for you. Law of attraction coaching that I wish I knew earlier. This is Jake [inaudible] with Jay hey, make sure you hit the like button on this video right over there and hit the like button on this video right over there. And let’s dive right into this video.

Number one, almost every single thing that you hear about the law of attraction from law of attraction teachers is actually either totally incorrect or partially incorrect. And it’s a thing that is a little bit controversial. So it’s something that I’ve shied away from really talking that much about, but you’ll hear people talk about the subconscious mind. But what people don’t tell you partially because they don’t understand. And the only reason I know this is because a few years ago I started having these weird heart palpitations and I thought something was wrong with my heart. And so I went and got it checked out and all that stuff. And what ended up happening was I started having super bad, unexplainable anxiety. My life was really, really good. I was really happy. I was in a great relationship, I was very healthy, my career was going well, but in the middle of the night I couldn’t breathe and I never had anxiety before, so I didn’t know what it was and that’s why I thought something was wrong with my heart because I’d never had anxiety before.

And it kind of went away after just a little while. I didn’t really explore it much and it went away. And then shortly thereafter I started experiencing such chronic pain that I could hardly do anything. It was all on my back of my neck and it happened as if I threw my back out. So I thought, you know, it was from exercising too much or stretching too little. And I went and got x-rays and I saw the specialist and they told me, well, your shoulder pulls in this way that pulls on your muscles this way. Vertebra c seven c six e five they’re all pulled this way. And I could clearly see in the x-ray that they were pulled out and they’re pinching on the nerves and that’s what’s happening. And then your muscles are constantly out of whack because of this and you’re having all this pain because of the nerves.

And then the deficiency is causing neck pain. And I went to physical therapy. I went to all of these specialists who spent thousands of dollars and I was only getting nominally and I came across a book that was called healing back pain by a medical doctor that practiced that New York University called Dr John Sarno. And the book changed my life because in the book he said that chronic pain actually comes from unconscious emotions that you’re unaware of largely since childhood and can be in the present time that are manifesting in your body because your brain doesn’t want you to feel these negative emotions. So consciously you react one way and then unconsciously you ever reactions that you’re totally unaware of and those emotions have to go somewhere because what our emotions, energy and what are you energy, so ultimately those emotions express themselves as chronic pain through your body.

It started with anxiety. That made my heart feel weird. Then it turned into chronic pain and I was like, oh my gosh, this guy might be right. Now, this drawing right here looks like a silly little stupid thing, but what it actually is is one of the most sophisticated drawings ever that shows the actual concept of what the mind looks like. As you’ll see, it’s a circle. This circle was invented by Dr Thurman Fleet in Approximately 1934 Bob proctor teaches this concept, but it was invented by Dr Thurman Fleet. Now, what this shows us is that you have a conscious mind and a subconscious mind. Really, you have conscious reactions and subconscious reactions. As you’ll see now moving into the second phase of it, you’ll see a lot of marks all over the unconscious mind. Now. What that means is at all times since childhood, you’ve had unconscious reactions to things, unconscious, anger, unconscious anxiety, and unprocessed memories that have stored in your unconscious mind, meaning you are totally 100% unaware o

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