The Vibration of not giving a Sh*t (most powerful video you’ll ever watch)

When you stop caring about what others think, you become dangerously authentic and confident. Living true to yourself and being completely detached from the external opinions makes you extremely powerful and magnetic.

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Caring what other people think is what is holding you back from being your truest and most authentic self. I used to care a lot about what others thought of me and because of that I was always operating from that mindset. Once I learned how to stop caring and realized how powerful I truly am, I became more aligned, authentic and free to being however I pleased.

It’s funny because a lot of times we hear the gist that wanting and desiring something is what will bring it to you. But the illusion is that when you really want something, you’re implying that you lack it and you need it in order to be worthy or complete. Realizing that you are enough simply by being your authentic self is a process of healing your shadow identity and experiences that validated that thought within you. Once you truly stop caring about the opinion of others and how you are perceived, you step into a whole different level of being magnetic.

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