The White Hot Burning Desire of B.S (do this instead)

This is why if you REALLY want something… You REALLY WON’T get it.

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No matter how many times you read the book, “Think and Grow Rich,” it may tell you you gotta have a white, hot, burning desire.If you really, really want it, then you’re going to get it.

A white, hot burning desire mixed with faith and all of these things. I’ll tell you right now that everything I’ve learned about the law of attraction, creating my dream reality.

The more I’ve wanted anything is the more I pushed it away because energetically, anything we want we are getting the reflection of, think about it.

Think about the universe in a way giving you what you’re asking for. You tell the universe, you put out the energy. I want money. I want love. The universe then looks at you and then says, “Oh, Aaron wants more money. “Aaron wants more love. “Let’s give him the experience of wanting more money and the experience of wanting more love.”

That’s how it works.

Anything you’ll want you’ll lack. And in this video, I’m going to show you how to turn this around, why desire is not the way, what the alternative is, and this is exactly how I’ve created my dream life.

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