This Reveals What You Agreed to Before You Were Born… (Purpose & Love)

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What if before you were born there were certain intentions you had for what you wanted to experience in your life.

What if there were certain themes and there was a certain purpose and a certain direction that you wanted to go through and you set these energies and intentions up before you came here, but maybe in life now you’ve simply forgotten about it.

In this video, I’m gonna show you this somewhat esoteric perspective on this and show you exactly step by step, how you can become aware of some of the themes, some of the energies, the purpose, the intention behind your life that you may have completely forgotten about.

And I wanna show you exactly how to find it, how to use it to transform your life
and how I am using it in my own life. And it’s helped me gain so much clarity in a very powerful way.

Now first off, let me say I was very skeptical of this, not that long ago. Even just these last two weeks, I’ve become so much more open to this and I was somebody that never really gave this that much time of day.

All right, this modality that I’m about to share with you is gonna sound simple and it might sound weird to some of you. A lot of you, I think you’ll be very familiar with it, in some ways.

But nonetheless, it is completely opened myself up to a new level, a new dimension within myself. It’s helped me become aware of a lot of these patterns within me.

And I was even skeptical of this in a way to where then I went to other trusted sources that I had been using for years and I wanted to hear the perspective on that.

And even that reaffirmed my initial belief about this and the truth of it. So, let me share with you what this is and specifically what it is within the thing I’m gonna share that’s very general.

So, first off, what this thing is is astrology. Now, I know you might hear that, maybe you absolutely are like, oh, awesome, I love astrology. Maybe on the other side of it, you’re like, dude, this is freaking weird.

You can’t tell me that the planets have some intention or some ability to influence your life in certain ways. And first off, I totally get it and I was in the same exact boat. So, I empathize with that and I’ve been there to where I thought it was just something that a lot, cuz a lot of times like I’d get so annoyed of people that are like, you know, Mercury’s in retrograde.

Oh my God, miss text message, miss this, don’t sign any contracts. Oh my God. And I’m like, this feels like you’re giving away your power to something else.

So, for a long time I was very resistant to astrology just because of the common, I guess you could say like, the superficiality that some people like use it for in certain ways, where it’s an excuse for everything.

You know? However, let me share with you a little bit of what I’ve learned about it because over the last two weeks, I’m in no way an expert at astrology, but specifically within astrology there is something called the north node.

The north node is, in a way, where the path that you came to learn in this life, your north node is the direction that you wanted to go in.

And there’s something called the south node. The south node is what you came in and you kind of mastered, they say that maybe in your past life.

So, this is an energy that you mastered, but your transition from your south node to your north node in your life is in a way the direction that you came to go in.

And I’ve been studying this for like the last couple days now, specifically just the north node and the south node and also specifically, where it is in your chart.

That has helped me become so much more aware of even where I’m taking this YouTube channel, even where I’m doing live events out in the world, that has helped me gain clarity as to what that direction is.

And I’ll even share it with you in this video to give you a little bit more of a perspective on it, so you can kind of see where the channel’s going and stuff. But I was listening to this one YouTuber that’s actually, like, an astrologer that was talking about this.

And she said once she started making videos that were more in alignment with her south node to north node energy, which doesn’t mean she’s, like, making videos about north nodes and astrology, but she specifically focused on the energy of what her north node represented.

Her channel went from, like, 3000 subscribers to, like, 500,000. And I thought that was interesting because I noticed on my YouTube channel that most of the videos on my channel that have done well are videos that are within the dynamic of this south node to north node thing.

So, we’ll talk more about that in a minute. But first off, let me share with you the perspective that I have about astrology.

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