Universal Law of Attraction

The world is designed to manipulate and deceive us. Our bodies, minds and souls are under attack daily but more and more people are waking up. Explore enlightenment and learn to live and love as the universe truly intended.

What Are You Really Buying With Your Money?

Have you ever wondered why that guy you know always has to have the latest gadgets, or the girl who has to have the latest fashions? Why do you always turn to food or chocolate (chocolate is not food, it’s comfort!) when you feel sad or stressed?

5 Best Ways to Attract Abundance

In life, all we need and ask for are the simple things that would make us happy and contented with but in order to get those things, we need to overcome and come through a lot of different trials which would make is strong and be ready to face all that we are looking forward in our lives. For a man to be happy and contented, being abundant would be the solution for that. Not all of us can do that and attract abundance easily. There are those people that seem to have no luck on that at all. So, here are the 5 ways for you to follow in order to attract as much abundance as you want.

Righteous and Rich

Righteous and Rich…Who told you that you cannot be righteous and still be rich? You don’t have to live in deceit and corruption to make money.

Law of Attraction and Gratitude

I know that when I look around and see things in my life that are not the way I want them to be I have to remind myself that everything is exactly how I expected it to be. Yes that does not make much sense, but it’s the Law, everything around me is a direct reflection of this Law, and if I don’t like it then I have to change.

Contribution – Giving Back Gets You So Much More

Giving back is the greatest gift you can give. Whether you’re giving time or money, the service you give to someone else with no thought of personal gain is very powerful. So why do so many people avoid it?

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