WAKE UP & GRIND – Best Motivational Speech 2021

WAKE UP & GRIND – Best Motivational Speech 2021

Les Brown
Tom Bilyeu
Brendon Burchard

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Abundance – The Three Core Truths

Here’s an example of some common “I can’t” feelings experienced by people who struggle endlessly with abundance: – “I always have to work hard to make money.” – “No matter how hard I work or how positive I try to be about my financial situation… I never seem to have enough.”

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With every step you take on the path of self-improvement you will learn new things that may often shape your life and influence your destiny. One thing is clear and sure, the discovery of the inner riches will give you unlimited and unsuspected access to invisible values. Some of them are touchable, some others escape physical perception to speak only to your mind and soul.

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