What is the Law of Attraction according to the Bible

Life is not about things but about him who art in heaven. If Solomon was here today he would call this behavior its all vanity and vexation of the spirit. Paul would say the love of money would be evil. Jesus Christ would say a man life not consist on the things that he possesses. The law of attraction is covering up of witchcraft and new age doctrines and one trying to say how to be God on earth.

Lessons for Prosperity Learned From Queen Elizabeth Market

I had the pleasure of being in Melbourne, Australia recently and visited the world famous Queen Elizabeth Market. This is a huge public market where you can get everything from belts to bananas. It was also one of the best places I have found to learn the secrets to prosperity.

What the Mystics Know

A mystic knows this presence and experiences love in all things. A mystic experiences this in their heart and soul not just knowing about it in their intellect. It’s the principle of our existence.

4 Questions Leading To The Greatest Power You Have

Discover 4 choices that gain access to power for greater life experience and wealth! God wants everyone to live better lives, but it is your choice not His!

How Learning The Secrets Of A Millionaire Can Benefit You

Don’t think that any of the “big league” players are doing something extraordinary – they’re just experienced, versatile and persistent. And, once upon a time, they also had to start from scratch, right from where you are now.

Let Your Anger Go

Let go of anger anyway you can. Anger is not your friend.

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