why we may live in a virtual reality (but NOT a simulation)

You may’ve forgot this… but you are an eternal spiritual being having a temporary human experience…

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You may have forgotten this but you are an eternal spiritual being, having a very temporary human experience. And when we come here, when we come to this reality and I say that because we are eternal spiritual beings having temporary human experiences, so we’ve existed beyond just this body, this form, when we come here, we forget that. Honestly, that’s what makes it so challenging to be here and my guess is that if you’re here right now, you’re probably somebody that’s gone through a spiritual awakening or are going through a spiritual awakening or probably about to go through a spiritual awakening because right now what is happening on the planet is more people are waking up than ever before. You can take this channel as a symbol of that, there are more people joining, there are more people that are awake to this kind of information than when I even started like three, four years ago making YouTube videos.

But one of the things that we all agree to collectively experience all in our own way, is a forgetting of who we are, so that we can then remember who we are. Now the thing is, when we went through that process there was a lot of pain involved. Most of us may have had or been in families where there was a lot of trauma, there was a lot of patterns that we were working to transmute and because of that pain though, the benefit that comes out of it is that then we go through a lot of pressure and you see the thing is pressure creates more of a desire to go inwards and that inwardness that we’d begin to go in we begin to realize these new things about ourselves that aren’t really new, they’re ancient. All the ancient, many ancient civilizations talk about this, but it’s really right now we’re waking up to it. And the pain that we went through served a purpose to get us to a point of going within ourselves to question things.

And I think that when you look out into society right now and you see all the craziness that’s happening, it’s all happening because the old system is falling apart, the old system, the old way of going about things. Now here’s a perspective, this is gonna be a little bit more of an esoteric video than my normal videos but I really wanted to show you and to create a stillness that through this video you can connect to, almost like a kinda like a download or something like that, I don’t know, I mean I know that sounds esoteric but the idea and the understanding that I wanted to share with you is that everything in our reality is in a way a symbol, Carl Yoon used to talk about this. When I look into reality sometimes from a higher perspective, a higher point of view when I’m in meditation, which I just was, even something like this, right? This beautiful cactus right here, like think about how poetic some of this is like you have these sharp prickly things and you have this beautiful cactus that doesn’t even require that much water.

And even now, as I just was doing that I got this on my hand and it just it’s kinda painful, but there’s like a beauty in that. When you look at a rose, think about the symbolic, you know I’m recording this on Valentine’s day, think about the beautiful symbol of rose. Now from a higher dimensional point of view, imagine there was like, we were thinking of these colors, which all maybe had different symbols, we were thinking of like the fact that a rose is so beautiful but it has these thorns on it and if the thorns prick you, it hurts and in a way that’s a very beautiful metaphor for love and the rose itself is like an embodiment of that love energy. Now I know it’s a symbol, I know that sounds kinda out there but when you look out into reality just in general and you look at like beautiful views like this you look at how everything works together.

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