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Your energy and the patterns you experience in your life, you could say your vibration, didn’t start with you. And unless you’re aware of what I share with you in this video and I’m gonna share you how your vibration did not start with you, how you inherited the vibration of your parents, your environment growing up and the only thing you need to do to break free of it. I’m going to share with you what to do in this episode. This is something that’s completely profoundly changed my life. And I’m super excited to share it because I think it’s going to really help many of you watching this video. I don’t think you saw this video by chance. It’s time for you to become aware of these things and to transcend them to really be yourself in a very powerful way.

Now on this video, I’m going to be sharing with you more about understanding something called the mother complex which a lot of men may have in the same way I think women go through it with the father complex, but also understanding how we literally inherit the patterns of our parents and of our environment or our caretakers growing up and we don’t even know it. And the patterns that you’re playing out right now in your life were probably, or they are the unprocessed patterns that your parents went through. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, there’s similar patterns there. Now think of it like this. First of all, think of it like these glasses right here. Now imagine that when you put these glasses on, imagine you see the world a certain way. Imagine there’s certain filters. It’s almost like there’s a certain belief system that when you put it on. So if you have a belief system that says, I’m not worthy, people don’t love me.

And you put these on or like all relationships people eventually leave me or whatever these beliefs are. You put these glasses on, you walk around you go out into the outer world and then you get these self fulfilling prophecy where you keep getting this reflection back to you. You keep finding that you feel rejected. You feel emotionally abandoned. You feel not supported. These are patterns that came from the energy field or the belief system of these glasses that you put on a long time ago that you inherited. And then you thought these were your glasses. You thought you had to wear these glasses. And that’s why in this episode I want to do is I want to share with you my personal story of how I become aware of these patterns in my own life and how I finally decided to take off the glasses how I finally decided and realized that I don’t have to wear the glasses and that they’re not mine. And not only that I’m going to show you a little meditation practice that you can do to really separate yourself from the energy patterns that you absorbed growing up.

So, first off, I also want to shout out this book right here. There’s this book. It is by Mark Wolynn. It is called “It Didn’t Start With You”, how inherited family trauma shapes who we are and how to end the cycle. So it has to do with understanding that the energy fields, that the energy and the patterns were living in our life, were the unprocessed patterns that our parents were also living through. So in order to do thisI want to explain this to you in the form. I’m going to use my handy dandy little chart. So let’s go over there. In order to explain this to you what I did is I kind of mapped out the idea of like a family tree in a way and what you can think of it as a, you know, we have you then you have your mama and your dada. And then what happens is your mom and your dad each have your grandma and your grandpa which is their mom and dad. Now here’s the way that I found it works from this book. And it explains many many different scenarios where this happens, but what happens is the energy patterns that our parents went through growing up that were unprocessed.

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